Rogaine Growing Facial Hair: Your Way Out To Grow Facial Hairs

Rogaine is a hair regrowth treatment largely used in men for restoring the hairs lost on scalp (off lable for face). This is the number one dermatologically recommended formulation for use in men only. Clinically, it is proven that Rogaine due to its action on vasculature affects the quality of hair follicles. Rogaine increases the strength of hair follicles so that they are capable to hold the hairs firmly to prevent hair fall.

 Rogaine Growing Facial Hair: Your Way Out To Grow Facial HairsWith age, men start losing hair inappropriately making the facial hairs visibly haphazard. Some parts of the face lose hair and the hair follicles die out. In some teenagers the hair follicles are not yet formed to support facial hairs. If men do not grow sufficient hairs even after puberty, hormones are not sufficient enough to strengthen hair follicles. In such cases Rogaine is the good option to rejuvenate the hair follicles.

Rogaine surely increases the strength of hair follicles, but takes a few months to show visible improvements in hair growth. Rogaine contains minoxidil as a medicinal agent that acts by counter acting and nullifying the effects of dihydro testosterone in size reducing the hair follicles. Due to its vasodilator activity, Rogaine promotes proper growth of hair follicles. By increasing the width of the blood vessels, Rogaine helps better blood perfusion to hair follicles and stimulation of hair growth.

Generally recommended for use in treating male pattern hair loss, it is also used off label to treat loss of hair or absence of hair on face in men. As per the directions, Rogaine solution may be applied with a dropper 2 times daily. The regrowth of hairs is not seen before 3 months of consistent application of Rogaine. For complete benefit of Rogaine to be visible, it takes a minimum of 9 months to 1 year.

Rogaine is also available in advanced form, Rogaine extra strength for use in men whose hair follicles are very inactive. Rogaine contains minoxidil in small dose but in Rogaine extra strength the minoxidil is increased to 5% w/v.

Rogaine may be used by direct application to scalp or face. However using Rogaine on skin that is damaged, sunburnt, irritated should be avoided. Ruptured skin can lead to enhanced absorption of drug causing symptoms of overdose. The use on face is on user’s risk, the manufacturer does not guarantee safety and efficacy for use in improving facial hair growth.

Rogaine is a potent medicine that should not be mixed with other cosmetic or facial products. Patients suffering from any of the cardiovascular diseases should consult the doctor prior to start using Rogaine. Rogaine may interact with the anti hypertensive drugs or other drugs that affects the hemodynamics of cardiovascular system. Therefore, patients are supposed to discuss the use of Rogaine with doctor and if convinced may start with the dose of Rogaine.

Facial hairs are the style statement. Men without facial hairs are not comfortable with their image and need a makeover. Rogaine helps them in regaining the facial hairs so that they can flaunt their moustache and bread.

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